S. Floridians Second in Nation's Most Adventurous Travelers

South BeachIf you’re curious to know which Americans are considered the nation’s most adventurous travelers and
seeing the world more than others, this Miami
Herald piece
should shed a little light on your research. When they’re not hitting their own sunny, warm, soft,
sandy beaches South Floridians are busy taking second in the nation for travel abroad and they’re not just going to
Jamaica. According to the article South Floridians go just about anywhere from the Himalayan Nation of Bhutan to Latin
America to Africa. And when a road trip is put in effect, you can bet they won’t be stopping in neighboring Central or
North Florida cities, but they’ll be crossing the state line and heading to the Carolinas and the New England area.

What allows them travel more than other Americans? Well, some experts claim it’s the proximity to places to
Caribbean islands and Central America and others note the high number of retirees with the time and money to do spend
weeks in France. Amy Ziff, editor at large for online site Travelocity, notes
the many values and discounted fares available to South Floridians because they travel so often. Interestingly enough,
Miami ranks second in the nation for vacation days not taken. Hmm… Word hard. Play harder. I suppose.

San Francisco Bay Area  ranks number one in the nation.