Danny Boy banned because it’s too depressing

When we were in India we went to some Irish festival for St. Patrick’s Day. I remember the soda bread, the corned beef, the beer and my husband belting out “Danny Boy” to the band that provided the accompaniment. Then there was the karaoke bar we went to in Hsinchu, Taiwan. A friend who was visiting us from the U.S. could hardly sit up straight she was laughing so hard. Let’s just say my husband has a way with “Danny Boy,” particularly in Taiwan where the video background doesn’t exactly go along with the lyrics. You could be singing “California Dreaming” to images of people on bicycles in Vietnam. No joke.

If my husband had the urge to belt out “Danny Boy” at Foley’s Pub and Restaurant in New York City, he’d be stopped in his tracks. The bar owner has banned it from being sung in the pub for the month of March.

The owner Shaun Clancy thinks “Danny Boy” fits a funeral more than a celebration, and that it has been over done. He may change his mind if he heard my husband’s version. All it requires is a few Guinness. He’s loud enough a microphone isn’t necessary. I wonder how Shawn Clancy feels about “Proud Mary?” It’s not an Irish tune, but my husband and I do this one as a duet. The last time we sang this one was at a wedding reception in Vietnam. Those were the days. [see article about the reaction to the ban]

When again is St. Patrick’s day? WHAT?

So, as Gadling’s certified alcoholic (I have a signed document by one Mr. J. Glow if you want to see it), I figured that I had a pretty good idea of when St. Patrick’s day was. March 17th. The day after my birthday, right? Two days after the Ides of March, right? And I’m pretty sure that there’s an LCD display at Connor O’neils downtown that counts down to midnight the night of the 17th. I thought that this was obvious.

But I just checked the Wikipedia page and about three other sources and have now verified that St. Patrick’s day is on March 15th this year. March 15th! Says Wikipedia:

“The date of the feast is occasionally moved by church authorities when March 17 falls during Holy Week; this last happened in 1940 when Saint Patrick’s Day was observed on 3 April in order to avoid it coinciding with Palm Sunday, and will happen again in 2008, when it shall be held on 15 March.”

But that means that it’s on a Saturday! So we can all go out and drink all day without having to worry about going to work the next day! Oh Holy Week, clever like the fox you are.

I wonder how many bars and pubs will acknowledge this change stateside. At the very worst, this is a good excuse to get hammered on the 15th AND on the 17th.