Strippers abound in Tampa, as expected, for big game

There won’t be many lonely nights in Tampa this Super Bowl weekend. Prostitutes, it seems, will be widely available. As one of these sex workers remarked, “Pimps see the Super Bowl as a moneymaking opportunity sent by God.” So, if you’re making the trek down to Florida for the biggest sporting event of the year, know that you won’t be alone.

Now, if street-corner encounters are not for you, remember that Tampa is the world’s lap dance capital. Strippers will be out in force, with memories of their financial success from Super Bowl XXXV. Bernie Notte, for example, remembers pulling down $6,000 in four days and dancing even after her feet bled. Liquored up football fans were willing to drop $100 for a $25 dance.

Why focus on strip clubs gentlemen’s clubs? Tampa has 43 of them. “Trampa,” as some call it, has what everyone wants: “Football and naked girls.”

Interestingly, local authorities expect, to a certain extent, that patrons will be on the “honor system,” as they are not stepping up enforcement for the weekend. So, it is up to you to maintain the six-foot distance from a stripper that is required by law. Obviously, local strip club owners are happy about this.

Not that you have any chance of getting that close anyway …

Approximately 7,000 journalists from 500 media organizations have received credentials for the Super Bowl, and they’ll all be pushing up against the main stage when the game is over. Don’t worry, though. The media industry is in crisis, and these guys will run out of singles in less time than it takes to pound an $8 beer.

[Photo of Carmen Luvana thanks to Adam & Eve]

Strippers in Las Vegas Casinos? Not Yet

Anything goes in Vegas, right? Not quite. Have you ever asked yourself why there are no strip clubs in casinos? Ok, probably not, but it seems odd that with all the adult entertainment in Sin City, there are no such options in major gaming venues. It makes almost perfect sense from a business standpoint. People throw their cash at casinos by gambling. Why not allow them to literally throw their cash at dancers employed by a casino?

Past casino/adult entertainment marriages have been nixed, mostly because of worries about lap dances and other extras that some strip club personnel are known to offer. I don’t know about the inner workings of casinos, but I assume that they don’t want to be investigated for anything like that when there are other profits to be had more easily. (By the way, contrary to popular belief, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, though the mayor has been vocal about legalizing it). There are still many adult entertainment venues, just none in major casinos. Until the laws change or someone decides to take a chance, it is probably going to stay that way.