Survivorman Calls it Quits

Filmmaker and Discovery and Science Channel star Les Stroud, known for his show, Survivorman, is calling it quits after three seasons. The 47 year-old Canadian earned street cred amongst survivalists by filming himself completing various week-long survival challenges. Unlike Man Versus Wild’s Bear Grylls, Stroud traveled without a camera crew and survival experts. I, for one, found his solo approach to film-making and survival refreshing compared to Grylls’ preening in front of the camera.

Stroud explained his decision to call it quits to Reuters: “You can only do seven days surviving without food a certain number of times a year. I’m pleased with what I have done, I’ve been copied around the world, but 25 times I’ve not eaten anything for a week while sleeping on rocks. I need to move on.”

Filming for the third, and now final, season is wrapping up in Papua this month. Though the tag Survivorman will probably always remain with him, Stroud plans to move on to other projects. He is writing a book about wilderness survival and is planning a new show where he will follow in the footsteps of famous explorers.

GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of March 18

Take5What a week here this week! We had the chance to experience deja-vu or something like it with the announcement of another New Year’s being celebrated. I finally had the chance to sit down and provide you with some of the details from my island adventure in St. Lucia and we found out about more explosive destinations and food than one could ever possibly handle from Iva, but now I turn your attention to these five picks selected to help you on your journey – one way or another.

5. Make Your Own Guidebook:
Neil brings up a fine point on guidebooks – most of the time we don’t need but a handful of information from them, yet we’re stuck paying $25 bucks if not more to help us navigate the land of the unknown. Now there is a way to create your own guidebook for $5 from the folks at DK guides. If you act fast you can make one now and get it for free.

4. Build a $25, 10-Day Survival Kit For Your Car:

Breaking down is the last thing anyone wants to think about on a long road trip across the state or the beautiful land of America, but should it happen you’ll want to be prepared. Learn how to stay alive for at least ten days by building a survival kit.

3. Man Uses Air Sickness Bag as Mini-Urinal:
File this one under: Random. Dave Luna brings interesting and slightly stomach turning news about a gentleman who could no longer hold his bladder in flight and took matters into his own hands and air sickness bag because the lavatory could not be used in flight. You wonder the outcome of such an awkward public display and use of an air sickness bag? You’ll have to read further.

2. 5 Destinations for Learning the Flying Trapeze:

Looking for something new to try on your trips out and about? Tired of the endless number of cooking courses and yoga classes offered at every destination? Why not try your hand at learning the flying trapeze man!

1. World’s 10 Most Magnificent Trees:

Spring is here and who doesn’t want to get out of their home and go hug a tree? In this short blurb we discover 10 of the world’s greatest giants and odd-shaped beauties in nature.

GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of December 10

GadlingReady for another week in review at Gadling? If you missed some of this week’s goodies I won’t keep you waiting a minute longer. Just sit back, chill out and catch up.

5. Driving a Piece of East German History:
In this fine piece, David Luna points us to a tour company called Trabi Safari. The tours are pretty much “do-it-yourself” style, but what’s cool about driving the Trabant around Berlin to Dresden is that the car is a work of art meaning it rides more like a riding lawn mower. What’s cooler than any of that is David Luna being the newest member of the Gadling team. Go over, take a read and send David some love.

4. Traveling with Co-Workers: An Obsession with Steak Tartare:

For those who don’t already know I’m on the road traveling for work and an enormous portion of my time is spent with my one and only co-worker. To keep it short and sweet things ain’t so sweet… They are rather tart or is that tartare, as in steak tartare. I don’t want to hear anymore about steak tartare. Please.

3. No Surf in Cleveland? Sure, There is!:

Here is a plug from Iva that caught me completely off-guard, but then again I don’t surf. Cleveland (yes, Cleveland, Ohio) appears to be a rather gnarly place to hang ten. Don’t listen to me though read what Iva has to say along with the NY Times where the article was originally found.

2. Getting Out of Quicksand:

While it is not too common that you’ll run across quicksand in your travels should you stumble, trip, fall and start sinking away to your untimely death you may wish to know a little something-something on how to escape. Again, it isn’t very likely, but check out some of Erik’s own quicksand musings and then read the tips.

1. Hot Icelandic Blondes?:

Stop the stereotyping people! Not every Icelandic woman is blonde and not all of them are hot and according to Neil who found this awesome culture read in the Iceland Review the author of the piece is both, but still she is annoyed with the stereotype. Hey I OVERstand. Whether it is good or bad, stereotyping isn’t the right thing to do. We’re all different! Now, off my soap box I go and on you go to read the piece.