Daily deal – Swiss Gear computer backpack for $30

Today’s deal of the day is for the highly rated Swiss Gear computer backpack. This stylish travel rated backpack features padded shoulder straps, an MP3 player pocket, a laptop pocket and even special opening in the top to route your headphones inside the bag to your iPod or other player.

You’ll find the deal at Amazon.com for just $29.99, and since it is over $25, you even get free (saver) shipping. The bag has a retail price of just over $100, so the deal really is quite “hot”.

Sadly, the deal is only available on the red version of the bag, so if you don’t like standing out like a Swiss Army Knife on your next trip, you may want to look for a less visible bag.

How Much Would You Pay for a Pair of Lederhosen?

A new world record has been broken recently — most expensive pair of Lederhosen. A version of the traditional alpine outfit recently sold for 85,000 euros, which is $115,000. Lederhosen, which are traditionally made from the hide of an animal — typically a goat, pig or elk — is strangely enduring fashion trend in the Alps. This particular pair is adorned with 116 diamonds, each set in gold. Doesn’t that seem a bit … I dunno … excessive?

onsidered to be to the Alps what the kilt is to Scotland (according to the Lederhosen entry on Wikipedia), the leather knee-length shorts-and-suspender-combo can be worn while hiking outside, pounding back a few at Oktoberfest, or anywhere else, I suppose. Still, I don’t think I’ll be picking up a pair any time soon — and certainly not at that exorbitant price.

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