Air New Zealand Matchmaking Flight cleared for takeoff

Back in May, we told you about Air New Zealand’s plan to send a Matchmaking Flight from Los Angeles to Auckland. Well, that flight is now less than three weeks away and more details have been released. Air New Zealand has announced that Jason Mesnick of ABC’s “The Bachelor” (along with his girlfriend) will be on the flight, as well. More interesting, however, are the other activities that have been planned.

There is a party at the gate at LAX that will include an open bar. Nothing like a little social lubrication before you flirt at 30,000 feet. Mesnick and his girlfriend will offer the passengers dating advice. Not sure that anyone should take dating advice from a reality TV star, but if you’re willing to fly to the bottom of the world to find love, I guess you’ve already decided to make bold life choices. Once in the air, the activities planned will help passengers find their perfect match. Upon arrival in Auckland, Matchmaking Flight passengers will attend a cocktail reception (to top off their glasses after that long flight) and then the official “ball,” where they will also get to mix and mingle with Kiwis looking for love.

Why am I so intrigued by all of these in-flight romantic shenanigans? Well, it just so happens that I will be on the flight covering the event for Gadling. It’s worth noting that I typically sleep on flights. In fact, on a recent flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, I slept for 11.5 hours. So, having to stay awake and perky on a flight to Auckland may pose a challenge. But, if anything can hold my attention it’s free-flowing liquor and get-to-know-you games. I’m drawing the line at trust falls, though.

Yeah, it’s going to be an interesting flight. And you’ll all be able to experience it vicariously through me. Gadling readers, will you accept this rose?