Video: From Japan With Love (And Dashi)

The Perennial Plate’s Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine did an excellent job with this short film featuring Japan, “From Japan With Love (And Dashi)”. The video, which I first saw on Laughing Squid, highlights the food and sights of Japan. This footage is beautifully spliced together and backed up with cool music, too! But be warned: some of the food preparation footage, as you might suspect, is a little graphic for those who may not want to connect the dots between their food and the animal from which it came so swiftly. With that said, it’s worth the watch, enchanting and currently persuading me to hop on the next flight to Japan.

Warning: This video will make you want to go to Vietnam

The folks at The Perennial Plate produce a weekly web series about “socially responsible and adventurous eating.” Their most recent episode was filmed while traveling through Vietnam with Intrepid Travel. It’s an entertaining and dynamic video that captures the frenetic pace of Vietnam’s streets and the passion that the Vietnamese people have for their food. The only problem is that we don’t get to smell and taste all of those delicious meals.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to find a big ol’ bowl of Phở.