Save and label wine corks – Souvenir tip

A great take-home and space-saving souvenir for wine lovers are corks from bottles you’ve enjoyed while traveling.

What to write on the cork is up to you, but I usually include the date, where, and with whom I drank the wine.

At home, purchase or salvage an empty vase, bowl, or jar and simply start keeping the wine corks in there. The cork-filled vase also passes for decoration over the fireplace or on a coffee table.

Over time you can re-visit your trips by pulling out a cork and reminisce about that day.

Getting the “local rate” – Hotel tip

In many places, hotels offer special lower rates to locals in order to increase occupancy. This is particularly true on last-minute stays or when bookings have been low, and is especially applicable to overseas travel.

If you’re going to a place where you have family or friends, ask them to inquire directly about any special rates or promotions that may be available.

Having them book on your behalf can save you some serious cash.

Pack toilet paper – Road trip tip

Campers know this rule, but road trippers should follow it, too: always bring a roll of toilet paper.

It’s good to have if you need to make an “emergency stop” if the next exit is too far away. It saves you problems at poorly stocked rest stops. Finally, it’s great for cleaning up those spills of giant sodas and coffees from a little road turbulence or heavy-duty laughter.

Avoid conversations by wearing headphones – Airplane tip

Sick of hearing about a stranger’s dysfunctional family or odd medical conditions? Avoid conversations all-together by doing a simple thing: wear headphones.

This works best if you also avoid eye contact (and it may be necessary to pretend that you don’t hear you fellow passengers the first time they speak). Pull your headphones off when speaking to them and then put the headphones back on when the chit-chat is over.

In reality, it doesn’t even matter if the headphones are plugged in. The other passengers just need to believe they are.

Brush your teeth with bottled water – International travel tip

When traveling in certain countries, it’s important to drink bottled water in order to prevent illness, right?

What many people don’t realize is that they should also brush their teeth with bottled water. Even though the water from the tap is usually not swallowed when brushing, dangerous bacteria can still enter the mouth through contact.