SkyMall Monday: Springflex UB

No doubt, many of you check in on SkyMall Monday while you are at the office. You’re taking a break from your hectic workday to learn about the latest innovations coming from our favorite catalog. But consider how much time you’re spending at your desk. You’re tucked into your cubicle and immobile all day. Your spare tire is growing. Your saddlebags are sagging. You’re slowing dying. And if you die, who’s going to read SkyMall Monday? Stop being so selfish! Stop being so lazy! Get healthy with the Springflex UB!

Look, I know how busy you are. You work all day, take care of your family, and at night you chat online with that handsome stranger who lives two states away and promises to leave his wife for you. There’s just no time for exercise. But now you can maximize your time at the office by getting fit right at your desk.

First, go to your office and have a seat. Now, take off your shirt.* Next, remove your pants [note: be sure to wear your bicycle shorts underneath your khakis]. Go ahead and replace your dress shoes with sneakers. Finally, attach your Springflex UB to your desk and feel the burn. See, you’re exercising and working! Assuming, of course, that your job doesn’t involve you having to type at all. Or use your hands in any way, shape or form.

Perplexed? I can’t imagine why. But I’m certain that the product description will clear things up:

Numerous repetitive stress injuries have been linked to sitting in front of a desk all day. Lower metabolism and increased weight gain have also been linked to a sedentary work day. But what if you could get a workout when you are just sitting at your desk?

Isn’t that what I just said?! Focus people. It’s not that hard. Just strip down to your drawers right there at your desk and start flailing your arms around with the Springflex UB or your boss will fire you for having flabby pecs. In this economy, can you afford to have man-boobs?

* Being topless may or may not be considered “business casual.” Consult with your Human Resources department for more details. They may have a pamphlet.

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