The Lightload Towels experience

So, years ago we told you about the wonder of Lightload Towels, which are big towels compressed so small that they fit in your pocket. We recently saw this gimmick again on ThinkGeek with their pocket hot hand towels. We decided it was time to see this magic compressed towel business for ourselves.

Having a beach towel in your back pocket sounds pretty handy for a day at the beach, right? And having small hand towel pellets could be wondrous for backpacking and hostels, and would certainly keep your suitcase lighter.

Lightload Towels was kind enough to provide us with one large beach towel and several small hand towels for our experimental purposes (above). In this gallery, we’ll show you exactly how they worked, looked, and felt as we hydrated the towels and then tried to roll them back up.

Pill Towels: Look Like Tiny Pills…But They’re Big Towels

Most travelers I know love extra-tiny items: extra-tiny toothpaste tubes, extra-tiny shampoo bottles, extra-tiny sewing kits, and so on. Unfortunately, sometimes messy spills don’t come in extra-tiny packages.

One other thing that comes in size extra-tiny is the Pill Towel, which is a towel packed like a pill. Got a mess? Soak the pill towel with a little water and the nickel-size disk instantly transforms into an 11″ X 9″ sturdy, textured, multipurpose towel.

Happily, a set of 16 towel pills easily fits in your extra-tiny shaving kit and will only set you back an extra-tiny $12.