Flight 001 Looking for Ground Crew

We are by no means a job board here at Gadling, but occasionally we’ll see something that could be of interest to our travel feigning readers and from there we blog about it. Depending on where you land a career in the travel industry it is either a blessing or a hellish nightmare. I like to imagine working where the perks are many and woes are few. I’d never want to be a TSA screener and while I never made a stellar salesperson, I wouldn’t mind applying for a gig at Flight 001. The online travel shopping portal is looking for ground crew at their east coast, west coast, and Midwest locations. That gives almost anyone with a knack for ringing in the sales an opportunity to get in on what seems like a pretty happening place to work. Even if only for the holiday season so you can stash some extra cash and break for Brazil after you’ve saved enough, but don’t go in there talking like that. Chances are you won’t get the job. Go figure.

Flight 001 is currently seeking Sales Crew and Store Leaders at various NY and CA locations. Their headquarters is in need of a Buying Office Assistant and Staff Accountant.

Odd Travel Job: Sleep Director

Question: What is the correct job title for a traveling man or woman that gets to romp around in bed all day and test hotel mattresses?

If your answer was a “Prostitute” then your mind needs cleansing and we will go no further with such raunchy talk in the workplace, even if they fit the bill. However, if you said “Sleep Director” then you probably heard the alarms sound because that is the correct answer, my friends. Sleep Directors have the fabulous and odd job of testing out all those cozy hotel beds before you do. According to Ted’s List, which includes three odd jobs this month, most hotel chains employ “Sleep Directors” or people who can tell if a mattress is too firm or too soft, and whether the design of the hotel room will keep you from dozing into dream worlds.

Now this bit of trivia was something I read over a week ago and it bothered me a little on the inside. I mean, it bothered me to the point of trying to find out more about this unusual gig. Do I personally wish to become a Sleep Director? Yawn, not quite. I’m just curious to know the qualifications. In my searches I was only able to find this job ad for a Mattress Tester. The employer seeking Mattress Tester 44 notes that their benefits package is quite competitive and that salary is determined by sleep experience. Additionally they are an Equal Opportunity Employer, but Federal law prohibits employment of extraterrestrials.

The madness!!! Is this for real? If there are any real Mattress Testers or Sleep Directors out there I beg you to leave a comment. Heck, if there are any extraterrestrials out there in the blogosphere make your presence known as well.

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