Photobomb your own photos with a funny character – Souvenir tip

Let’s face it: How many souvenir t-shirts can somebody have? Most people take generic souvenir photos, as well! Think outside the “souvenir box,” and make your photos unique! How? Bring along something “unexpected” to place in the photographs — a beloved childhood character perhaps, or maybe a small stuffed animal that represents the location you’re in — and purposely photobomb your own pictures.

You can have great fun with this. Get creative, and you’ll make lots of funny memories — and probably entertain a lot of other tourists as well!

Try it sometime: WE had great fun with this idea!

Bring a tire repair kit – Road trip tip

A nighttime flat tire miles from the nearest town might make a good story later, but in the middle of a road trip, it spells stress. Be prepared with everything you need to fix a flat.

Auto supply retailers carry kits with patches, plugs, adhesive and a file to roughen the tire rubber to help the patch adhere. Bring along two cans of a flat-repair product to fill the tire.

In case of a flat: examine the tire and patch any injury. Use your trip-saving flat-repair can to inflate and seal the tire so you can drive to a safer location to change it.


Bring an extra gallon of water – Road trip tip

Travelers generally think to bring bottled drinking water, but few realize how frustrating it is to need a larger quantity of water with no way to get it.

Some rest areas have poorly designed sinks that automatically squirt liquid soap, run water for a few seconds, and then immediately turn on a hand dryer. Brushing your teeth in these contraptions is nearly impossible.

Keep a gallon of extra water tucked away in the trunk for rinsing sticky stuff off your hands, splashing on your face, using to brush your teeth, or even filling an overheated radiator.

Grab a book of matches before leaving the room – Hotel tip

When visiting a foreign country, especially one with an unfamiliar language, grab a book of matches from the hotel where you’re staying as soon as you arrive.

If you get lost in town during your stay, and you know just a little of the language, the book of matches will be a great way to show locals where you need to go, and have them direct you to the right place.

Buy a newspaper – Souvenir tip

You don’t have to spend a fortune to bring home a great reminder of your trip. A newspaper purchased during a trip provides a fun look into local life and can easily jog your memory.

Buy a newspaper or two and pick up free local guides whenever possible. Once home, revisit the vacation locale by browsing the weather forecast, restaurant reviews, local happenings and events, and other memorable news that occurred while you were there.

Bonus: You can share the newspapers and guides with others who have never been there but who would love to visit.