Breaking: Yet another plane crash. This time near Amsterdam

I have to say, as much as flying does not bother me, it’s a bit unnerving to click on The New York Times to see if any thing new has happened in the past few hours to find out that the new thing that has happened is another plane crash. This time the crash was just outside Amsterdam, but in a soft field instead of on a house near Buffalo, New York, on snow near Nome, Alaska or on the Hudson River.

The Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, en route from Istanbul, was almost to the airport when it suddenly lost speed and dropped. According to one person on board, the crash only took a few seconds. According to the article, most people did not suffer major injuries even though the plane broke into two pieces because there wasn’t much fuel left. If there had been more fuel, the outcome would have been worse. Still, the outcome wasn’t good.

Nine people died, including both the pilots. There were 25 with serious injuries, 24 with minor injuries and the rest walked away. In all there were 134 people on board. Considering that I was just in Amsterdam a couple months ago and flew into Schiphol Airport from the U.S., I’m thinking about how those fields looked when we were coming in for our landing. Yep, it’s a bit unnerving.

[This photo by PhillipC is of tulip fields when he was in route to Amsterdam from Gatwick.]

Breaking news – Turkish Airlines plane crashes at Amsterdam Schiphol

Details are only slowly being released, but a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 has crashed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The plane was on its way to Amsterdam from Istanbul with 135 passengers on board. Flight number TK 1951 hit the ground before it was able to reach the “Polderbaan” runway.

As for right now, CNN is reporting 9 dead and an unknown number of injured passengers. The plane went down at 10:40am local Dutch time.

Update: Dutch news sources are reporting 50 injured passengers, of which 25 are in serious condition. Turkish Airlines has published a passenger name list on their site listing all the names of passengers on flight 1951.

Drunk Man Tries to Hijack Turkish Airlines Flight

A man on a Turkish Airlines flight from the resort town of Antalya, Turkey to the Russian city of St. Petersburg threatened to blow up the plane unless it was diverted. The man, who appeared to be drunk, approached a flight attendant and handed her a note to give to the pilot: “I have a bomb. If you don’t take me in (the cockpit) I will blow it up,” As he stumbled toward the front of the plane, he was overpowered by passengers. No explosives were found despite his insistence that there was a bomb strapped on his body. He appeared so inebriated that passengers did not take him seriously.

Turkish journalists have reported that the man was an Uzbek national, but his identity and true nationality have not yet been confirmed. After he was subdued, the plane continued on to its destination, though Turkish Airlines officials briefly considered setting it down immediately as a precaution. There were 167 passengers on board the aircraft, an Airbus A-320.


What other trouble is up in the skies?

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