FAA releases US Airways flight 1549 ATC transcripts

Sorry if our constant coverage of the US Air flight 1549 crash is beginning to bore you – but it isn’t often that a plane ditches in a river, and everyone is able to walk away.

The news today comes courtesy of the FAA, who just released the air traffic control transcripts of the actual event.

The audio is pretty boring, so I cut out the most interesting part where the controller is told by the pilot that he’s going to ditch in the Hudson river (as you can see in the image above).

If you really want to hear the conversation, you’ll find the MP3 file here, or a written transcript here.

Separation of the airline classes made clear in a photo

This is the kind of photo I could probably post without wasting too many words on. If you ever wondered what kind of perks a first class ticket will get you, then think about the coach class passengers up to their knees in freezing cold water, watching the first class passengers take a comfortable seat in the raft.

I wonder whether any of the first class passengers demanded some hot nuts and a drink?

(Photo from Calacanis.com)

US Airways Hudson river jet takes a trip through Jersey City

Poor jet. First it takes a dip in the Hudson river, then it has to be hoisted out of the water, and now its next trip involves passing through Jersey City on a flatbed truck.

A CNN iReporter was able to grab a couple of video clips of the wingless jet making an extremely tight turn through the city, without knocking over any traffic lights or other obstacles.

The plane is on its way to an NTSB location in New Jersey, where it will be examined for the possible cause of the January 15th crash.

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(Via: CNN iReport)