Video Of The Day: ‘Tune Up’ With San Francisco’s Pianobike

Earlier this month I posted a video about a street performer who travels around France showing off his affectionate house cats. Well, the weird and wacky antics of buskers are far from limited to just France, so today we’re traveling to San Francisco where a man has turned his tricycle into a roving piano. Gary Skaggs says his girlfriend gave him a lot of flack while he was building the piano/bike combo, but he now makes his living wheeling around the Embarcadero and other tourist-packed places in San Francisco. If you’re planning to go to The City by the Bay any time soon, keep an eye out for Skaggs (and save a few bucks by checking out this budget guide).

[via San Francisco Chronicle]

Video Of The Day: Quiet Time In France

The words “city” and “quiet” don’t usually go hand in hand. Cities are, by their very nature, synonymous with hustle and bustle. But in the short film above, Andrew Julian challenges this notion. He offers a glimpse of Paris that shows the exact opposite of a metropolis in fact, people rarely appear in the video, and when they do they’re seen taking in their surroundings instead of blindly rushing by. What results is a slow, peaceful montage of France‘s famous architecture and landmarks. It’s a nice change of pace from the fast-paced time-lapse videos we often post, and a good reminder that sometimes you need to step back from the travel to-do lists and spend some time slowly soaking cities in.

Video Of The Day: French Street Performer Spreads Love Of Cats

Street performers, or buskers, are found in every corner of the world, and practice of performing in public places for gratuities dates back to antiquity. Performers are constantly coming up with wild and wacky ways to impress passersby and entice them into donating their spare change. This short documentary by Paul Trillo follows one of those unique characters: a cat-loving street performer who travels for hours by train throughout the south of France to perform with his affectionate house cats. Although it was shot during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011, it was brought to my attention today when cat-ified their homepage for April Fools Day.

Who is the strangest street performer you’ve ever seen, and where did you find them?

Video Of The Day: Brooklyn Stop-Motion Tour

Brooklyn Brewery Mash – A trip through BK in 3000 photos” from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

This stop-motion tour of Brooklyn is pretty cool. As a tribute to Brooklyn Brewery’s MASH tour, Landon Van Soest and Paul Trillo put this video together. Using over 3,000 images, this video manages to capture much of the essence of Brooklyn – the people, food, drink, culture and sights from the street – in about one minute. These filmmakers have a knack for slow motion shots in addition to stop motion video. Slowing down at all the right moments in the video (dust being blown off of a vinyl record; popcorn in the air in a theater), pausing for this video will put a little bit of Brooklyn in your day.

Video Of The Day: Galápagos Islands Captured On A Cellphone

Traveling with a giant, professional camera isn’t always the best option. Some amazing photos and videos have been made on cellphone cameras, including the video above that Miguel Endara shot solely on an iPhone 4S while on his honeymoon in the Galápagos Islands. The short film not only captures some of the most famous species on the islands – including the cobalt flippers of the Blue-footed Booby, the domed shell of the giant Galápagos tortoise and the highly adapted marine iguana – but it also demonstrates the impressive evolution of cellphone camera technology.