Creek Wading: Safety Tips

As I was writing the creek wading post, I remembered a wading experience gone bad when I was 11-years old. A neighbor friend and I had headed out to wade in a creek near the apartment buildings where we lived in Columbia, South Carolina and were having a grand time. It was a glorious day. Our adventure turned sour when I stepped on something sharp and cut the side of my foot. I have no idea what I stepped on, but as soon as I felt it slice, I knew it was not good.

We had to wade back home in a hurry. Nine stitches later, I figured next time, better wear shoes. That’s one rule for wading in a creek safely. Closed toe shoes are optimal to sandals–although, I love this shot by fotogail on Flickr. Hers is an artistic aim. The title is Wading into the Abstract which is how I feel on most days.

Here are some other tips from Trevor Kugler I found in Ezine Articles:

  • 1. Always have a firm footing before taking the next step.
  • 2. Wading sticks can come in handy for helping you steady your footing.
  • 3. Work with the water. Basically, go where the water is going.
  • 4. If you are wading in deep water and are wearing waders, fix leaks before they get too big and distracting.

Here are some of my tips:

  • 5. Wade in water only if you can see the bottom.
  • 6. Watch out for glass and sharp objects. This could have saved me that emergency room trip.
  • 7. Don’t wade into water that’s moving too fast. Plan ahead. When my son and his friend were wading with me, I told them where to walk.
  • 8.. Watch out for mossy rocks and don’t step on them.
  • 9. Don’t be in a hurry.

Look for a post of wading footwear this afternoon.