Top nude beaches from around the world

If you like getting naked – but don’t want to wait for an occasion – get your (bare) ass to one of the top five nude beaches in the world. From Miami to Vancouver to Mykonos to St Maarten, you’ll find a place to roam free. Thanks to TripAdvisor for pulling this together.

Haulover Beach Park – Miami Beach, Florida
More than a million people hit Haulover every year to live the relaxed life of a nudist. If you go, you’ll stand out by trying to look like you’re not.

Wreck Beach – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
At this clothing-optional beach, you’ll be able to gaze upon eagles and herons … or a whole lot of body parts you don’t normally see in public. According to one of TripAdvisor’s readers, “Wreck Beach is a magical place where I can strip off my layers of clothes and judgments, troubles and insecurities, and become one with the earth.”

Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece
They’re more open-mined in Europe, right? You bet! Check out Paradise Beach in Mykonos, where you can go “swimming in the blue waters and lying on the white sand in a place where humans celebrate the good parts of life.”

Orient Beach – St. Maarten, Caribbean
Head down to the Caribbean to shed your second, unnatural skin. At Orient Beach, you can feel the sand in every orifice. According to one TripAdvisor traveler, “Orient Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever visited. A ‘sun worshipers’ paradise.”

Black’s Beach – San Diego, California
Watch for the cliffs, which are absolutely beautiful. Then, surf naked or simply sun the spots normally not exposed to rays.

Grammy winner goes for in-flight self-service?

In-flight service took on a new meaning for Grammy award-winning singer Elvis Crespo. The Merengue singer was accused of having exposed himself to a passenger on a flight from Houston to Miami. He denies it, but it’s impossible to be sure. After all, he told authorities in Miami that he didn’t recall the incident. Crespo wasn’t arrested, and no charges have been filed.

Earlier this month, the accused masturbator married his manager … which likely supports the accusation of self-gratification in the friendly skies.

If it’s true that Crespo whipped it out, I’m curious as to why he didn’t just step into the plane’s lavatory. If it’s publicity he craved, he could have taken a quick snapshot of his handiwork and popped it onto Flickr.