South Wales, Custard Pie and World Records

Here’s an event I found out about that looks like it would have been a blast. It reminds me of Justin’s post on cheese rolling. On June 24 folks showed up at Margam County Park in South Wales to try to break seven official Guinness World Records. They succeeded at four of them. All world breaking activities happened at a day long community fundraising festival

During the world’s largest custard pie fight, 70 people threw pies at each other for three minutes. Next 735 people bounced on space hoppers for the most people bouncing on space hoppers at the same time catagory. Space hoppers are also called hoppity hops. After that was the world’s longest locomotion dance. That took 1752 people. Finally, it took only one person to do the most squat thrusts in one minute. A guy named Craig De Vulgt did 70.

Even though it’s too late to be a part of this world record breaking event, Margam County Park is a place that would be great for a day outing. There’s a castle, miles of trails, a narrow gauge railroad, a playground and more.