Don’t Forget: $100,000 Chivas Contest


We mentioned this a ways back, but it’s coming up (Oct. 10th) so take a moment to check it
out. The makers of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky are offering some lucky souls $100,000 to travel the world. The pair of
adventurers must be willing to travel the globe together to find the best that life has to offer. According to the
listing, they “must be curious, intelligent, with strong writing skills and a sense of the world around them”. Dude,
that’s me!

Anyway, while you’re out there, you’re going to have to compile some 50 tips that identify extraordinary moments and
experiences, all of which will be compiled into ‘The Chivas Life Guide.’ Go get busy, send in
your proposal. They want entrants to put together a three-minute video tape
explaining why they should be chosen. And applications have to be received by October 10th at 5 PM EST.