Tiny Islands in the Sun


I just had lunch with a colleague who was asking me to recommend a good locale for a short winter vacation in a warm, sunny place. With islands on my mind, I returned from lunch to find this great piece in the UK Sunday Times that profiles five Caribbean gems. These tiny islands don’t get nearly as much fanfare as places like Aruba, Barbados or Jamaica, but they should not be overlooked when trying to choose the right warm weather escape. I’ve never even heard of Bequia before (it’s part if the Grenadines) but I can vouch that Tobago is a beauty – my brother went there for his honeymoon earlier this year and had an amazing time snorkling, sleeping and sunning. The article includes nice pro/con reviews of each island, accomodation and tour suggestions for January, plus basic travel info to/from the UK. Should be useful to anyone looking to get away this winter.