Wireless Airports

airportI just paid $6.95 to connect to the internet
at Newark Airport, where I’m sitting at an Au Bon Pain on the
Continental concourse. I decided to pay even though I only have about an hour before boarding my plane.
Like Erik, I agree that airports should absolutely offer
free wireless. It just makes sense to keep travelers happy. But I will ocassionally shell out a little cash if it means
I can get just that much more work done. I don’t fly enough to quality for perks like frequent flyer lounges with free
access, but at least this airport is wireless. And it was a breeze to connect. It’s nice to know that anywhere
on the concourse I can power up and be online. The $6.95 is good for 24 hours, which is cool if your flight happens to
get delayed or you just like hanging out in airports. I’m headed to an
airport that offers free internet access, even better. I hope this
trend continues at airports arcoss the nation and around the world. I’ll leave you with this short article from

Five best US airports for wireless access
and some questions: What’s your favorite wireless? And are you willing to
pay for it sometimes? Under what circumstances? If you comment, I’ll respond tomorrow, when I find my next wireless
hotspot :)