Europe: All You Need to Know for 2006

I know
that some of you have probably tired of me singing the praises of Rick Steves…but I have to do it just one more time.
For anyone planning to spend any time at all in Europe this year, you’ve got to read some of his stuff!  Today I’m
gleaming over the latest tips from his fabulous monthly email travel newsletter. It includes a link to a valuable list
highlighting the need-to-know info
that travelers to Europe must have handy while planning a visit this year. By taking ten minutes out to scroll through
this tip sheet, I learned that there are two museums in Paris about to re-open that I’d love to visit, plus I got a
clue on how to enter the Orsay for free! I got a refresher on all the great anniversary celebrations of the year: 100
years since Cezannne died, the 250th birthday of Mozart, the 400th birthday of Rembrandt and the 800th birthday of
Dresden! I also learned that one of the train stations I may have used in Lisbon is now closed and that Versailles will
undergo a series of renovations from 2006 through 2010 that means a lot of changes for tourists. First up, the grand
gardens are free in 2006 and you can rent a golf cart to see them with ease! Take ten minutes to read this over and I’m
sure you’ll learn something that will help plan your own European trip.