Africa Travel: Mauritania

MauritaniansOkay, so
those who were wondering what happened to blogging about the entire whole of Africa one country at a time for Black
History month last month I’m sure you excused the gaps by now and you have my promise it won’t happen again. I honestly
wanted to make it happen, but who knew Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago would be so crazy and hectic?

So allow me to pick up the pieces with Mauritania, a country located in Northern Africa,
bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal and Western Sahara. It’s safe to say Mauritania is definitely off-the-beaten track due to terrorism
threats and land mines that plague the sands near Western Sahara. In short make sure you check with your local embassy
before departing to this one, but in the meantime take a moment to click through some of the photos found on this site. This particular shot in Nouakchott of
the two Mauritanians in front of a boat aground really captured my attention. The women in white comes off incredibly
striking in this shot to me. Continue checking out more photos on Mauritania and its people by clicking here.