Springtime in Pangaea

Pangaea is one of the more difficult places to reach on this planet, but also one of the most rewarding. I was therefore pleased to discover that Old World Travels has just announced a two-week tour of this fascinating region which leaves later this month. An April trip is perfect timing because springtime in Pangaea is indeed wonderful. Plants and animals are slowly blossoming to life and every day seems so very fresh and new. I’ve never been myself, but this is indeed the Old Country from where my ancestors, in one form or another, originally heralded.

Although Pangaean accommodations tend to be on the primitive side and the local water a little soupy in the primordial sense (don’t drink it!), the tour promises to be amazing. The first three days will be spent in rugged mountain ranges so magnificent and dynamic that they almost seem to be alive and moving. The enormous Tethys Sea, Pangaea’s largest inland body of water, will be the next stop and one that will yield fantastic varieties of very large fish. Lastly, the tour will make its way overland to the scenic Panthalassa Ocean where sure-footed fish dash across pristine obsidian beaches that look as though they were created only yesterday.

As is always the case, pack in what you pack out, and for God’s sake, don’t step on any butterflies; a sound of thunder is never a good way to end a vacation.