Red Corner: Lithuanian Beer Corpse Blows 7.27

It is well known that Europeans love their alcohol. Eastern Europeans, at least according to my experience, love it even more. In fact, it’s no surprise that the Czech Republic leads the world in beer consumption.

Spare a moment, however, for the Lithuanians, who, thanks to one overzealous countryman doing his part to increase the country’s per capita alcohol intake, deserve at least an honorable mention in the Alcoholics Hall of Shame.

The man in question is Vidmantas Sungaila. Recently pulled over by police 60 miles from Vilnius, Sungaila registered “7.27 grams per liter of alcohol in his blood.” The legal limit is only 0.4 grams. As a point of comparison, 3.4 grams is actually considered lethal, unless of course your name happens to be Vidmantas Sungaila.

While I’m sure Sungaila doesn’t represent the average Lithuanian, it still makes me feel fortunate to have survived the country’s roadways when I rented a car there three years ago.