Gadling LogoDrum roll please… Yes, folks you guessed right! It is time again for our weekly update and though it’s been a little more quiet than usual we’ve still got some goodies out there and here is this week’s list:

5. International Internet Cafés: Type Fast!
For those of us who still haven’t learned how to shut the world we know and the world that knows us back home out and off while on vacation here is a fine blurb on International Internet Cafés. Personally, I try to avoid these as the connections are always cruddy and the rates price out pretty ridiculous on some occasions, but if you’re the type that relies on lightening fast communication to say “hi” to mom rather than snail mailing a post card you’ll want to peek into this piece.

4. Best Stargazing Destination’s in America:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s the stars… When I found this amazing article on stargazing in the U.S. in Nat Geo’s Adventure magazine I wanted to take off to Bryce Canyon and howl at the moon. As bad as it sounds star gazing isn’t something you can do out of your backyard anymore with the increase of light-pollution, but if you’re as passionate about seeing one of the most phenomenal natural light shows taking place every night, you’ll head to this piece and then book your own excursion to see the stars.

3. World Hum Top 30 Travel Books:

If the temperatures start climbing too high becoming a couch potato won’t be so bad provided you’re still taking your mind some place. Start your summer reading off with some of the travel classics found on World Hum’s list. Like Erik who brings our attention to the list, I have a tremendous amount of catching up to do when it comes to some of the fine works mentioned.

2. Traveling Syria:

This one gets picked simply because Syria is a destination we touch on very little and probably one we should blog on more often. For now we have this cool inside look from Outside Magazine writer Patrick Symms to hold us over until we make it there on our own.

1. Hidden Gems: Hell
Go to Hell. Seriously! Willy Volk gets this week’s top nod with his fiery travel tales to Hell and back. Go see for yourself.