Word for the Travel Wise (06/25/06)

DRC FlagSo what if we’re limited to learning only ten colors in the Tshiluba language – knowing ten colors in any foreign language is better than knowing nothing at all. Last time I took the English to Tshiluba quiz at the Internet TESL Journal I provided you with the word for orange. After taking the quiz yet another time I leave you with this one…

Today’s word is a Tshiluba word used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

– yellow

Tshiluba is a Narrow Bantu also known as Luba-Kasai and Luba-Lulua. It is an official lang of the DRC in addition to French. Approximately 6,300,000 people speak the lingo and additional web resources are scarce. Feel free to leave a comment with any extra resources that could help others learn a bit more than what I’ve noted. You can continue learning the words for your own favorite colors by taking this English-Tshiluba quiz online. Chances are you’ll get all of them wrong, unless you’re an extremely talented guesser. After enough trial and error you’ll eventually be able to ramble off all the colors of the rainbow and have no one to tell them to, except in the Congo.

Past Tshiluba words: manimani