Where the Fireworks Are

FireworksIt’s Fourth of July all and I’m in one of the hottest, driest destinations on the planet -it’s titled Arizona. So my chances of seeing mischievous children playing with dazzling little sparklers or missile size fireworks are pretty slim. Any boom, pop, crackle, snap, sizzle, ray of bursting light into the Arizona night sky is considered illegal and as desperate as I am to have a piece of the magic you won’t catch me out there with any. I love my independence far too much and with all that out of the way you’re probably wondering where the fireworks are?

Thanks to MSN City Guides for pointing out great destinations to see the works, those of you in states with more water than fire can check out the amazing displays this evening in some of these top popular spots:

  • Taste  of Chicago – Chicago, IL
  • Disneyland: Fourth of July Celebration – Anaheim, CA
  • Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks Display – Boston, MA
  • Sunoco Sweet Sounds of Liberty Concert & Fireworks – Philadelphia, PA

Check out MSN for additional shows in your city.