Hollywood: Movies in the Graveyard

CemeteryLong ago Erik mentioned a cool little place to stalk some of Hollywood’s A-list celebs while touring the streets of Los Angeles. Back then I remember being pretty surprised when he directed our attention away from the Star maps to point us to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but it makes good sense now though. Known as the Resting Place of Hollywood’s Immortals the cemetery also plays hosts to some 1,200 plus guests on Saturday summer nights looking to check out a DJ spinning tunes, drink wine, be merry and watch a film after dark while lounging around the tombstones. Got goose pimples yet? So hanging with the deceased under the stars might not be the dinner date of choice for all prancing around Hollywood on their vaca, but if it sounds like the thing for you checkout Cinespia.org for details on the Saturday night screenings.

Tomorrow night I’ll be heading over with a few friends to watch Dressed to Kill starring Michael Caine and Angie Dickinson at 7:30 PM. Can’t make it this weekend? Other upcoming screenings include Manhattan on July 29th and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on August 5th. Should you still fail to be convinced by my blurb or the one from DailyCandy featured a few weeks back, then check out Neil’s piece on Los Angeles’ plethora of free entertainment. Just keep in mind summer is almost over. What cool things will you have done with yours?