GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of July 23

GadlingHave we got some tasty travel bits for you! You may have missed them before, but we’re giving you the delicious dibs on them once more. Don’t miss them this time. Salut!

5. Balkan Odyssey Part 8: Berat, City of a Thousand Eyes:
Wow! Talk about an amazing set of photos from this ancient Albanian town of Berat. While I’m enjoying all of Neil’s travel pieces, I might say I’m really taken by the first shot of ottoman houses and buildings with red tiled roofs that seem as if they are stacked up on one another. The many windows of all these structures is what gives the city its nickname. Just awesome! GO NOW!

4. SmarterTravel: Best & Worst Travel Destinations for Women:
Ladies take note – If you dislike the hoot’n and hollerin’ of the boys down in your own neck of the woods you’ll certainly want to know where the cat calls might be worse. SmarterTravel has a nifty piece for solo ladies planning trips abroad. Check out their best and worst suggestions.

3. Plane Ticket Price Forecasting:
When this search tool becomes available for all markets I’m sure the number of users will sky rocket out of the blogosphere, www, and all information highways. Farecast is said to forecast when the best time will be to purchase those plane tickets to Seattle, Boston or maybe even Lisbon! You’ll have to keep watch to see when this Farecast will be available for you.

2. Gadling Audio Slideshow: Newfoundland Part I:

He’s back! Yup, Erik has finally made it home and out of the terrible Continental airlines hold-up in Newfoundland. He’s got stories to tell and lots of pictures to show from his great Newfoundland adventure. I could babble about how great it is or you can take a look for yourself. I reckon the second option to be the better decision.

1. Gadling Audio Slideshow: Newfoundland Part II:

First there was part one and now there is two. If you were really starting to get into the Newfoundland swing of things with Erik’s first piece go to the second for more! He’s even worked out some of the bugs and made for a very impressive, fine piece of well, slideshow.