Traveling Solo While You’re Married

Man waiting at windowEvery married couple dreams of the honeymoon after the honeymoon, a life-long of shared adventures and memories made together to be cherished forever and always, but for some couples work schedules, children, and other obstacles stand in the way of this holy travel matrimony. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette runs an interesting piece on how solo travel can place a slight damper on a marriage. One man who took off to Cuba alone apparently didn’t think his wife would mind and while he was away she was contemplating divorce. Other scenarios showed the partner left at home stuck in the rat-race began to resent their globe-trotting counterpart and insecurities rise.

Seems as though this would be a simple thing to work out in a married relationship and it can be so long as each person communicates properly and plans accordingly. From the article you’ll find the answer to solo travel while you’re married doesn’t necessarily involve staying home to watch Discovery Channel type shows on the tube, but can be as simple as keeping jaunts over and out shorter in time span. At the very least each couple should try to make one big trip together each year aside from their solo endeavors.

Good read if you and your honey are finding yourself at the end of two different roads.