Not only is Havasupai very, very high on my list of future travel destinations, but it’s been on that list longer than almost anywhere else.

I’ve come close, once, hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but Havasupai is on the other rim, and a world apart.

Havasupai Canyon is technically an Indian reservation 40 miles as the crow flies from Grand Canyon Village. It’s not so often visited, however, because the drive is 180 miles and the hike is a sweaty, 10 mile trek deep into a blistering side canyon (that eventually joins the Grand Canyon).

The payoff, however, is the surreal Havasu Creek. This amazingly blue river tumbles down the canyon, and along the way, forms perfect swimming holes and picturesque falls. Check out the photo above for its other-worldly beauty.

Those less inclined to hiking can ride down on a horse or fly in by helicopter. Although most visitors choose to camp, a 24-room lodge (no phones or TVs) is also available for accommodations.

For more information, check out the Havasupai Tourist Office, or this informative article in the LA Times.