Word for the Travel Wise (08/03/06)

Mongolia FlagWhoa! Now here’s a cool affair to attend if you have the time, money and desire to travel Mongolia. Apparently 2006 is the 800th anniversary of Great Mongolian State and Mongolians are planning several events to help visitors follow in the footsteps of the great Genghis Khan. The trip looks to be made on horseback and details about the historical expedition can be found at Discover Mongolia. You better act fast though if you’re really interested in something like this – trip dates are only slated for August 13-22, 2006 and September 3-12, 2006. As Neil mentioned sometime ago, there is no better way to explore Mongolia than on horseback. All-in-all it seems like a win-win situation for anyone who actually makes the journey over.

Today’s word is a Mongolian word used in Mongolia:

mori – horse

Mongolian is an Altaic language and spoken by over two million people throughout Mongolia (where it has official language status) and by up to three million people in northern China. Wikipedia doesn’t offer much for increasing your Mongolian vocabulary, but it has great background information. Learning Mongolian online will be tough without an understanding of their alphabet or script used. Omniglot is the perfect place to begin to start learning the alphabet. For quick reference use LP’s Mongolian Phrasebook on your trip.