Genghis Khan Time in Mongolia

MongoliaJust a few days ago I featured a bit of Mongolia lingo for the first time and wouldn’t you know the ole’ NY Times posted a thing or two on Mongolia this weekend as well! If I didn’t know any better I’d say they were spying on me, but I doubt that. For starters I gave readers the opportunity to learn the word horse in Mongolian. This New York Times articles tells readers what it’s like to ride a horse in Mongolia. Not only that – Edward Wong does us the favor of describing what made Mongol horses much better for the calvary men during the times of legendary Genghis Khan. Basically, Mongolian horses are short and stubby. It’s an excellent read if you’ve ever contemplated going to Mongolia and a great time to act on those funny travel urges.

As previously mentioned; 2006 is the 800th anniversary of Genghis Khan, so saddle up and start exploring!