Word for the Travel Wise (10/17/06)

Latvia FlagIt’s been a while since I had a Latvian word and with winter right around the corner I’d like to suggest travel to the town of Sigulda. Known as a minor health resort and winter sports center it sounds as if you can get a very good back massage which should be much after spending a day on the bobsled run. See Lonely Planet’s short description of Sigulda.

Today’s word is a Latvian word used in Latvia:

mugura – back

To learn Latvian online for free you’ll need to be resourceful. Start with this Latvian Institute website full of info on the country and a short page dedicated to the lang and some common words which include axe, broom, pea, and beard. The Latvian tourism site has few, but far more useful in terms of greetings. If you’re more about face-to-face language practice head to the American Latvian Association’s annual meeting in April. As always find out who on My Language Exchange would be willing to help.

Past Latvian words: cirvis, dzintars