Travel Deity: Conor Grennan

Last week I talked about my envy of Matt Harding, this week I’m going to let you in on another one of my favorite travel geeks: Conor Grennan of “How Conor is Spending All His Money.” I have to confess that though we’ve never met in real life (IRL) Conor and I have traded e-mails and discovered we graduated the same year (1996) from the same University!

First of all, how can you not love someone whose “About Me” page is titled “The Entire Story of My Life“? Conor’s sense of humor is couched in self-deprecating humor, a heart for travel, and a passion for the children of Nepal. I stumbled onto his blog two years ago when I first joined Bootsnall (the host of his blog) while dreaming of my own extended travels. He lived in Prague for almost eight years, before taking off on a round the world (RTW) trip that led him to Nepal and a six month stint volunteering in an orphanage and assisting Nepalese non-profit organizations.

Now Conor has come full-circle as the Executive Director of Next Generation Nepal, the organization he founded and modeled after The Little Princes orphanage that inspired his vision. Conor has tapped his networks, and sacrificed a more comfortable life (in the material sense) to help the displaced children of Nepal. With his charisma, contagious energy and gift for storytelling it is no wonder so many have joined in to help him.

You can read more about Conor in this Daily Progress article from Charlottesville, Virginia.