Word for the Travel Wise (02/05/07)

Bangladesh FlagYou must forgive me for being light on the writing these days. I have been doing some vacation planning – the type that makes you want to pull your hair out and scream. Luckily this planning hasn’t anything to do with Bangladesh or me heading over there for the time being; rather today’s word describes what I’ve been planning.

Today’s word is a Bangla (Bengali) word used in Bangladesh:

ch’uti – vacation

Web resources for Bangla are few, but you can pick up quite a few words reading (not skimming) through the Wiki and from this Bangalinet site which has a small tutorial on how to write in the script. Beyond those two I’m sure there are others, but as I mentioned before it is like pulling teeth to get these words at times. My personal resources to the Bengali lang are limited, so much like you out there reading it’s the web or some LP guide out there with the basics.

Past Bangla words: bhromon, shobbho, nir dohsh, ohnubad, naach