Word for the Travel Wise (02/08/07)

Malta FlagMalta isn’t the sort of place I’d imagine one getting lost to the extreme or losing their way back for days on end, but not every human that walks or travels the planet is blessed with good sense or sense of direction. I’m pulling this selection from the Survival Maltese site, also mentioned below.

Today’s word is a Maltese word used in Malta:

– I’m lost

BBC Languages Quick Fix allows one to download essential holiday phrases like this to store in your mp3 player for the big trip ahead. You can hear audio of some very basic words on their site as well. For a full run down on the history and a thorough section on survival Maltese head over to aboutmalta.com. I’m not too certain how much the survival Maltese will be needed considering the country’s other official lang happens to be English and they happen to have around 40 English learning language schools.

Past Maltese words:
Fejn huma t-tojlezz?, sahha, xorb, jien jisimni, caw