Outside Magazine Launches Podcasts

One of our favorite magazines here at Gadling, Outside, is finally getting into the podcast game.

Instead of sitting down to read the magazine, I can now download portions of it onto my iPod and listen to it on the fly. The whole magazine isn’t available in podcast form, but select articles are.

The first I listened to was a little disappointing for technical reasons. It was a live telephone interview with John Harlin III, an adventurer who sought to climb the Eiger 40 years after his father died on the mountain. Unfortunately, it was easy to tell that the interview was over the phone as the quality bore the telltale muffled sounds of a landline. There was no editing, just Harlin gabbing away for almost 20 minutes. Sure, it was interesting, but a rookie production.

Things got better, however, the deeper I dug into the podcasts. The majority tend to be readings of Outside articles by their authors. I listened to a couple by columnist Eric Hansen and my faith was restored in Outside. Very cool.

Check out the (slowly) growing selection here. But be advised, podcasts are great but they lack the ability to display the wonderful photographs which accompany Outside’s articles. So you might want to still pick up the magazine on occasion.