Genius or Useless: The JetLag Light Visor

VisorBio-Brite’s battery-powered JetLag Light Visor (“used by NASA Astronauts”) is a big white visor with a small light under the brim. Meant to help you reset your internal clock by providing light when your body needs it, the ad for the visor reads, “If it is dark or overcast out, or the weather is bad, or you are on an aeroplane you can use the Jetlag Light Visor to provide the necessary light stimulus.” How about just switching on the overhead light, like the guy sitting next to you?

If you think the Visor looks like a must-have for the upcoming summer travel season, $249 will score you a complete JetLag Kit, which includes the Visor, special “light-blocking dark glasses,” a booklet called “Preventing Jet Lag,” and a JetLag calculator — which can also be found online and which is suspiciously similar to the Jet Lag Advisor — all in a sturdy nylon travel bag.

The description doesn’t specify, but I imagine it also comes with a little remorse for having shelled out so much money for a pamphlet, some sunglasses, and a flashlight you strap to your head.