British Airways Hides Knight from 007

Richard BransonBritish Airways performed some of their own James Bond-style covert maneuvers when they cleverly edited in-flight copies of Casino Royale. Sir Richard Branson, owner of the rival Virgin Airways, has a cameo at an airport security checkpoint in the theatrical release. However, the British Airways version only shows the back of Branson as he moves through a metal detector. Also, their biased cut obscures the tail fin of a Virgin Airlines plane that appears in the film.

I don’t see the point of those changes. I mean, the viewers of that version already gave BA their cash. Would it really hurt to show Branson and the Virgin logo? I guess spite makes airlines do awful things.

I only bring this up because Richard Branson happens to be one of my heroes. After all, anyone who throws a tea party on top of a hot air balloon is ace in my book.