Travel Insurance Might Cover Your Divorce

It’s important to read the fine print on your travel insurance policy, obviously. That being said, there weren’t too many surprises on George Hobica’s list of travel insurance’s exclusions and exceptions. Acts of war aren’t covered, but they generally aren’t in regular policies. (After 9/11 Bush declared the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon acts of war, and people were in an uproar because it meant huge limitations on their insurance policies.) And if you’re protesting something and get sprayed with tear gas or beat with a club, don’t go crying to your insurance company for coverage. You won’t get it.

Also listed are pet injuries (duh?), canceled tours, pre-existing medical conditions, pregnancy and birth (hmmm…), and self-inflicted injuries. But the biggest surprise is not that a canceled trip due to divorce or legal separation isn’t covered, it’s that it’s becoming increasingly covered.

Buying travel insurance to cover a possible impending divorce? Am I crazy, or this completely insane? (That’s not a rhetorical question; I really want to know).