Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008

Travel book listmania continues this month with the release of Lonely Planet’s third edition of their popular Bluelist book. In addition to the usual collection of “best travel experiences” (like “Great River Trips” and “Food Wonderlands of the world”), the book prominently features a special selection of countries (like Armenia and Eritrea), cities (like Apia, Samoa and Chengdu, China) and regions (like Northwest Vietnam and Australia’s Tiwi Islands).

The real gem though, lies smack in the middle — a special section devoted to travel through the Islamic World. Travel Islam explores the culture of the religion and the countries where its tradition is strongest. Features include sections on sport, pop culture, art, holy cities, mosques, and a list of the top ten destinations of the Islamic world. It’s education, inspirational and beautifully designed.

If you snatch this book now at Lonely Planet’s online shop, you’ll also receive a copy of the 2007 book for free — twice as many lists to choose from!