More dress-code quackery on Southwest Airlines

We just had a link sent to us by another blogger out in the ether about another incident in which Southwest Airlines (WN) asked someone to change clothing.

As told by Chadrick Baker on, WN flight attendants we’re concerned by his shirt that said “I’m a fuckin’ genius” and asked him to do something about it. Initially she asked him to take it off, but let’s be honest, do you think she wanted him to walk around bare chested?

When asked by Mr. Baker about what the airline’s policy was on the issue, she would only state that it was a “family airline” and insisted on him finally putting a jacket on. After the exchange, he awoke when a flight attendant was in the aisle next to him facing the back of the plane, saying “K, seriously.” On the way out, that same flight attendant and an officer were at the front of the plane, but didn’t say anything to him.

Whether or not these last two events were with regard to his t-shirt, he didn’t know. But he maintains that the shirt was fine to wear, pointing out that he received several compliments about it from other passengers, including a little boy’s mother.

And he’s right, in that regard. Southwest doesn’t really have a policy on what one can and cannot wear — you could probably show up in a thong and a sombrero and argue that you should be allowed on the flight.

But should you? I feel like certain attire is appropriate for certain occasions. Were you to wear something like this to a bar, like this guy did earlier in the week, I bet most people would get a kick out of it. But if you’re wearing it in an environment where people sensitive to the word might be offended, like the library, grocery store or airport, you should probably wear something that isn’t going to irk half of the people out there. Why run the risk?

And don’t give me any crap about not being allowed to wear what you want in public — this isn’t about your first amendment rights or an airline’s policy. It’s about respecting the passengers around you and setting a good example.

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