Rats ravage India, says China

Sometimes, it is fun to read the Chinese The People’s Daily newspaper. Among other entertaining things, I have noticed how they tend to over-report anything bad that’s going on with India. Do I sense a little competition for the world’s best new superpower?

Anyway, so I read in The People’s Daily newspaper that rats ravaged India and a million people face famine as a result of it. Specifically, they write: “Hordes of rats ravaged the forests of Mizoram, India, feasting on the fruits of wild bamboo that flower every 48 years, then ate the region’s entire paddy crop leaving about a million people facing famine, officials and aid agencies said on Monday.”

It gets better. “Their harvest lost to rats, some villagers are now working as daily wage laborers on a World Bank-funded road project. Farmers complained that they found work for only one day a month and earned just a little over 2 U.S. dollars.”

Now, can you believe that? That would NEVER happen in China!