Photo of the Day (08/11/08)

The reflection in the water is simply stunning. At first glance, it has a Taj Mahal feel about it.

It is in Barcelona though. is the photographer and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is the subject.

I think I almost like it better in its original black and white version. It is less dramatic, but looks more authentic. What do you think?

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Actor on NWA plane strikes a flight attendant and hits an officer

After the issue with the wife of Joel Osteen, here comes another anger management case from the pressurized cabin.

A veteran character actor, E.D. Nixon Jr., was arrested for allegedly assaulting a flight attendant and a police officer at Memphis International Airport on Tuesday.

The 80-year-old actor, the son of a leading organizer in the Montgomery bus boycotts, is accused of striking a flight attendant on a Northwest Airlines plane and then hitting an officer.

Nixon was taken to the local hospital for treatment of high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar before being transported to jail in Memphis.

(He is being held on $1,000 bond, in case anyone is interested in bailing him out.)

Other crazy tales from the sky …

JetBlue to charge $7 for pillows and blankets

Thank goodness they are not attempting to charge for those hideous blankets and pillows most airlines offer!

JetBlue will begin charging customers for an eco-friendly comfort package on their flights. Travel blanket and pillow–featuring a fabric technology, developed by CleanBrands LLC, that apparently blocks dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander–will be available for purchase for $7 on flights longer than two hours. The pair will come in a kit with a $5 coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond.

So far, we have JetBlue charging us for extra leg room, food and drinks, checked baggage and now pillows and blankets. What’s next?

How about extra humidity on board? I’d pay extra for that.

Let people look at your hair and get 20,000 Delta miles

This is truly one of the more bizarre frequent flier miles offerings out there. The folically challenged could really score some free air tickets here.

Bosley, the hair restoration company, is offering 20,000 Delta SkyMiles to anyone who’s willing to let them take a look at his/her hair. And, if you–by any chance–decide to go through with their hair restoration procedure, you will earn 150,000 miles.

Well, what do you think?

[Thanks, Chris, for the tip]

Passenger stabbed and decapitated on Greyhound bus; passengers question bus safety

Another story to be filed under “What’s wrong with people?”

Wednesday night, a 40-year old man aboard a Canadian Greyhound bus traveling from Edmonton, Alberta, to Winnipeg stabbed and then decapitated a fellow passenger, USA Today reports. He was arrested at the end of the whole thing, in case you were wondering.

This story has gotten extensive coverage all over the world. People have been quoted as saying they’ll never take the bus ever again, until safety regulations on buses are in place. I don’t know. Can you really draw conclusions from one weird case?

In case you haven’t heard exactly what happened, here is a glimpse, according to fellow passengers interviewed by Associated Press:

The victim, who appeared to be about 19, was sleeping with headphones on when his seat mate suddenly began stabbing him as the bus traveled a desolate stretch of the TransCanada Highway, a dozen miles from Portage La Prairie. He stabbed him about 40-50 times.

The bus stopped and the passengers tried to get away while the attacker allegedly began calmly and methodically carving up the man’s body. Unbelievable.

Passengers disembarked and braced themselves against the door to prevent the attacker from leaving while they waited for police to arrive. The attacker went back and brought the head to the front and dropped it on the ground in front of the passengers.

Well, this is a good time to ask the question, I guess. Would you take a Greyhound anytime soon?