Five killed after private jet crashes south of London

A private jet plunged into a housing development in southern England yesterday afternoon, just minutes after the plane took off. The crash killed all five passengers aboard, including two former motor racing champions. The plane was headed for southern France so that the men could test a Jaguar, according to UPI.

None of the people who lived in the housing development were home at the time of the crash, and neighbors who witnessed the crash called it a “miracle” that no one on the ground was hurt.

One witness said the plane flew so close to him that he saw the passengers’ eyes. Said the witness: “The pilot was struggling to bank away from our house and a terrified woman was staring straight at me. I will never forget that sight. The plane banked to the right and it followed a line of houses towards some woods. The pilot was trying to clear the estate — he was a real hero.”

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