Jesus travel: Eating in the land of milk and honey

Right after I posted about the Jesus Trail in Israel that meanders for 40 miles through the land where Jesus walked, I received my daily missive from Intelligent Travel. There was the post “What would Jesus eat?” Now, that’s a pairing combo–eating and walking.

Travel writer, Andrew Evans just returned from Israel armed with details on food that have a biblical basis. While you’re walking along the path that Jesus might have wandered, pop into the eateries he suggests and you’ll have some mighty fine meals.

Evans tells which restaurants serve what and gives a bit of a background history of some of the foods, many that date back to the time of Jesus or earlier.

Eucalyptus is in Jerusalem and Muscat Restaunt and The Organic Kitchen are at the Mizpe Hayamim Health Resort overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

Here are some of the foods Evans mentions eating, although some of them are from markets he visited along the way:

  • yellow lentil soup with hyssop
  • lamb braised with pomegranate
  • tilapia with lemon butter sauce and baked vegetables
  • sage tea (thought to cure jet lag)
  • pumpkin-filled Bukharian pastry
  • pickled green almonds,
  • black Persian lemons
  • Yemeni yogurt balls
  • bread sprinkled with olive oil and herbs