Scottevest announces “Fleece 5.0” with a $20 pre-order discount

Scottevest (SeV) was featured here several weeks ago as my daily deal, so some of you may be familiar with their products.

This morning, they announced the pre-order availability of the newest garment in their lineup; the SeV Fleece 5.0. This jacket comes with most of the goodies found on their other products, including a record 24 pockets, the patented Personal Area Network, and an improved weight management system which allows you to carry tons of stuff in your pockets, without the jacket pushing down on your too much or being out of balance.

The new fleece also has special clear touch pockets, which allow you to store your iPod or Blackberry inside the jacket, and still have full access to the controls.

The inside of the fleece is covered in a fine mesh material, which should help keep you from overheating, as well as reducing the overall weight of the jacket.

The new Fleece 5.0 won’t be out till September 30th, but if you pre-order now, SeV will take $20 off the regular price of $140. Shipping is just $5, and they won’t charge your credit card until the item actually ships.

The jacket has already proven to be quite popular, as it was chosen by Blackberry as the official gear for the 2008 Blackberry developers conference. To learn more about SeV products, or to place an order for the new Fleece 5.0, click here.