Spend the night in a Jumbo without leaving the ground

In December, Stockholm airport will be home to the first Boeing 747 hostel in the world. This 747-200 was built in 1976 and is currently being converted into a 25 room hostel with 3 beds per room.

Each room features a flat panel TV, wireless Internet access and a shared shower/toilet facility. The upper deck of this 747 has several more luxurious rooms with their own bathroom facility. For the ultimate in overnight luxury, you will even be able to spend the night in the cockpit, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the air traffic at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

In addition to the 747 conversion, the developers are also building a restaurant and excursion area where visitors will be able to walk on the wing of the Jumbo. With the possible exception of working for the airline, or leaving the plane in an emergency, this will be the only time you’ll ever be able to do that!

And don’t forget – you don’t become a member of the mile high club unless you are at least one mile off the ground!

I’ve never been a big fan of hostels, but I’d most certainly make an exception for this one. The Jumbo Hostel will open its doors for reservations in December, in the meantime, why not enjoy some of the photos on their site.